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With DDSoft vzw, we strive for a joyful, safe and accessible world where people can be themselves!

DDSoft vzw

We achieve this by connecting the IT and social sectors through softWARE and softCARE. Within softWARE, this can range from website development, support in digital meeting tools to in-depth expertise in accessibility. Within softCARE, it ranges from Mindfulness through autism experience expertise to Eastern Principles on Wellbeing.

DDSoft was born in 2015 with the mission to create software for people with disabilities. Due to a very rapidly evolving IT landscape on the one hand and rapidly evolving social needs of people on the other, and not only for people with disabilities, it was decided to split our expertise and expand our target audience to reach even more people in the appropriate way.

Our team includes experts in both IT and social needs (ASD, mindfulness, Eastern Principles) and aims to break down the walls between the two sectors. This by figuring out in customer-friendly ways how we can help you too!