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Vision and mission statement


We believe in an inclusive society in which everyone contributes to society from his or her talents. A society in which the strengths of one person, organisation or company are used to solve the other’s lesser strengths. This also means that one’s own lesser strengths can be helped by the other party’s strengths.

Our ideal customer is also our supplier!

Coaching approach

In a coaching approach, the coach stands next to the coachee, the client next to the supplier. When you stand next to each other, you are on the same level. The coach is not above the coachee, the supplier (web design, social media, mindfulness, you name it…) is not above you as a client.

The client has domain expertise, which the supplier does not have. The coachee has experiences that the coach does not have. Hand in hand, we strengthen each other!


Global network of expertise

We are active at international conferences, trade fairs and seminars. We share our experience with other companies in these networks. This keeps us up to date with the most modern evolutions ourselves. Dennie, founder of DDSoft earned his first MVP award in 2019, a recognition from Microsoft for sharing his knowledge at various international lectures. To this day, Dennie is proudly recognised Microsoft MVP for developer technologies.