Autism (at the workplace). A matter of opportunities!

This DDService is all about autism. Dennie tells about his life as person with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In the past Dennie was bullied a lot. But he became president of DDSoft, international conference speaker and had received an official recognition of Microsoft (an MVP award).

Dennie tells straight from his heart about his life, he teaches the basic theory about autism and tells about colleagues with autism in an extended version. How do you work with somebody with autism / ASD? After this service everyone has a the basics about autism and can make his hands dirty to collaborate with a colleague with autism or with  a presumption of autism via understanding and successful communication.

This service takes 2 hours. It’s possible to have a break for 30 min. Of course if you want the break, the total time increases with 30 minutes.

Price: €99,99

Book now via or +32478294525

Prices are without travel and accommodation costs. T&A will be invoiced

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