Vision and Mission

We go for digitalization in care, in specific the care of people with disabilities. We help organizations with their digitalization to increase quality of life of their end clients.

Why? We strive for an inclusive environment where everyone can participate!  We want to contribute to the Quality of Life of people with disabilities.

Target Audiences

Organizations who want to try to participate into activities for their participators, workers, clients, patients with a disability or psychological issue.

People with a disability or psychological issue in search of a digital solution to overcome a barrier.

We work inclusive, this mean we can help each person or organization. We are into co-creation and collaborations. Also our nonprofit runs mainly on volunteers with a disability who want to elaborate on a better environment.


We develop websites and other applications.

We teach people to use our applications, but also to use applications from third parties.

We develop applications, specific for social organization or other organizations who share our vision.